Thursdays - Sundays
October 29 - November 15
The Chameleon Theater
directed by
David Hillman
Press Release
The One-Time Players present:
Lawrason Driscoll
  Michelle Hensel
    Peter Wiant
      David Wayne Johnson
        Katie Kowalski
          Jason Noltemeier
            Dave Cunningham
see press release for details

NEWS FLASH: We have postponed our production of Buried Child due to illness. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. We have tentatively rescheduled the show for January 14-31. Our entire cast has agreed to do this with the exception of one cast member who, go figure, doesn't want to change his plan to go skiing in January.

For now, ticket sales have been suspended. Those who already bought tickets have been notified and are receiving refunds.

We were very close to being ready to give you this show. But postponement is the best thing under the circumstances. We'll keep the show alive between now and then and this will hopefully give our ill cast member time to make a glorious recovery.

Keep checking this website for the latest information!

Our original press release follows.

Buried Child, a play by Sam Shepard, is coming to Port Townsend. The play won the Pulitzer Prize in 1979.

Peter Wiant as Tilden

The darkly comic play depicts a 1970s farm family in southern Illinois. At one time, long ago, this family had been living the American dream. But then things went wrong.

“Experiencing a Sam Shepard play is like having a dream,” says David Hillman, who is directing the production. “As in a dream, everything is very specific, the characters, the places, the events, yet it feels heightened. Objects take on an increased significance. Memory is suspect. Waking logic is suspended. In Buried Child the dream is itself about a dream: the dream of family, and what a powerful and sometimes destructive hold that dream has on us.”

The play is a production of The One-Time Players, who are back for the second time. They previously produced August: Osage County in February 2013 in the Port Townsend High School auditorium.

“For this play, we wanted a more intimate setting. The Chameleon Theater gives us that,” says Hillman. The Chameleon, run by Joey Pipia, is home to Atomic Improv classes, acting workshops, and Port Townsend Children’s Theater. It is located at 800 W. Park Avenue in the Port Townsend Business Park, just beyond the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“Seating is limited,” says Hillman. “So buy your tickets in advance. The benefit of the intimate space is: you’ll be completely immersed in the drama. The audience will enter the farmhouse where the action takes place. They’ll be right up close to extremely talented actors performing an amazing play.”

The ensemble cast includes Lawrason Driscoll, Michelle Hensel, Peter Wiant, David Wayne Johnson, Katie Kowalski, Jason Noltemeier, and Dave Cunningham.

Set design is by Terry Tennesen. Costumes are by Ginger McNew. Set construction is by Terry Tennesen, Ian Keith, Taylor Clark and Eligius Wolodkewitsch. Lighting design is by Ian Keith. Stage manager is Susan Latham. Publicity is by Sheila Khalov and Monica Mick’Hager. Poster is by Ben Hillman.

The show opens October 29 and runs for three weekends, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 2:30 pm. It closes on November 15. Keep checking this website for further updates. Tickets are $15. No one will be refused admission for inability to pay. Advance tickets may be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets. For more information, for low-income reservations, or to volunteer, call David Hillman at (360) 385-6207.

Dodge (Lawrie Driscoll, left), Bradley (David Wayne Johnson) and Shelly (Katie Kowalski)

Dodge on the floor; Bradley on the couch; Shelly on the porch; Halie (Michelle Hensel) and Father Dewis (Dave Cunningham) ascend the stairs

Bradley and Shelly, with Ginger McNew (costumes) and David Hillman (director) looking on.

Bradley and Father Dewis